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Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Can't Wait for Summer Because...

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Helene In Between

Today, I'm linking up with two of my favorite bloggers
 The Daily Tay and Helene In Between for a discussion on everyone's favorite current topic: SUMMER.

I'm looking forward to summer for many reasons, but here are the top ones...

...I can wear jorts! And who DOESN'T look good in jorts? 
Editors Note...I don't. I don't look good in jorts.

...everyone just looks better in the summer! Healthier, sweatier glowing skin...it's the best!

...ice deli opens. #thebest

...I can sit by any water source and pretend that it is my island oasis. Never mind that this might be a hose or a water fountain. With my eyes closed, shades on, and the smell of coconut, it's BORA BORA, ok?

...I can enjoy evenings under the stars watching some amazing theatre productions, wine glass hot dog in hand.

...I can take my pup on frequent walks and she thinks I'm awesome.

...sandals and pedicures.


...the Farmer's Market opens! What better way to spend a Saturday morning that looking at (probably not buying. That's what Schnuck's is for, duh) produce and other yummies. It's really a great social activity, truth be told.

...don't you feel extra amazing eating al fresco? Our favorite weekend activity is having breakfast at an outdoor cafe with the pup, then heading over to the Farmer's Market.

...iced coffee tastes even better. 

...wine tastes even better.

...who am I kidding? Even CHALK tastes better in the summer. Or so I'm told...

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