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Friday, February 13, 2015

According to Mr. K: 2nd Edition

Pin It My 2nd most read blog entry of all time (2nd only to What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You) is my According to Mr. K post from April of last year. 

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I thought we would do a 2nd edition of "According to Mr. K" since he is my Valentine. for. life.

girl animated GIF

So, here we go! 

According to Mr. K: 2nd Edition

Me: Do you remember when we did this last time?
D. Oh, yes of course. 

Me: The According to Mr. K blog post is my 2nd most read post, behing What your Favorite Disney Princess Says About you. How does that make you feel?
D. Makes me feel like I need to up my game. I can defeat the Princesses.

Me: Last time we chatted for the blog, you had some interesting insight into today's fashions. What is a current fashion trend?
D. It seems like, I don't know what they call them, but high-water pants seem to be a thing for guys. With fun socks and wingtip shoes. I seem to see a lot of those.

Me: Who is Tory Burch?
D. The inventor of Birchbox?*

*Editor's note: Love that he knows what Birchbox is

Me: Do you remember me asking you what the Pantone Color of the Year was?
D. Yeah

Me: What is the new Pantone Color of the Year?
D. What did I say last year? Mauve

Me: Kind of close, but it is actually Marsala. What color do you think that is?
D. a burgundy color?

Me: Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
D. Right now, Sleeping Beauty because I want to take a nap right now.

Me: What do you think that says about you?
D. I think it says that I enjoy a good nights rest and I like to lie in the same position as she does; on my back with my hands folded.*

*Editor's note
eye roll animated GIF

Me: Name 5 things I keep in my purse.
D. Your wallet, your phone, sunglasses, backup medication*, checkbook.


Me: Why do women tend to go to the bathroom together?
D. To have discussions on how the evening is going or to compare stories. Or maybe it's a chain reaction.

Me: How did Lilly Pulitzer become famous?
D. Probably her name? It's a pretty good name.

Me: What is 50 Shades of Grey about?
D. Seems to be about a guy who is very wealthy and does not want to form actual emotional connection. But somehow, he has his eye on this one lucky lady that gets to be brought into his world of whips and chains.

Me: Why do you think it is controversial?
D. Because it's very descriptive in its language? And it's S&M? And still a lot of people are reading it...

Me: Will you go see it with me?
D. I don't think I will.

Me: Finish this sentence: "Money can't buy..."
D. everything.

Me. Fantasy Dinner party. Who are 5 people I would invite. Can be anyone dead or alive.
D. Audrey Hepburn, Ben Vereen, Lilly Pulitzer, Todd Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best, and Frances Bean.*
*Editor's note: he means our sweet pup, not Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain's kid.
Also, this list is quite accurate.

Me. What is your favorite thing about being married?
D. Being with you!*

*Editor's note: AWWWWW!

Me. I'm not going to ask you what your least favorite thing is about being married.
D. ...Ok.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Says About You

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When I was growing up, the local news station used to broadcast a commercial in February in which excited young Girl Scouts would yell into the camera, "THE COOKIES ARE COMING!" 
Always an exciting time because I could get my delightful Thin Mints that we would immediately put into the fridge and not consume until juuust the right frigid temperature. No tepid Thin Mints for me and my family!

DK and I are lucky enough to have a niece who is a Girl Scout, so you could say we have an inside source. I told DK that I would be placing an order, knowing we definitely wanted Thin Mints. "Don't forget the Caramel Delights (I believe they are known by a different name these days)." It got my thinking about what our respective Girl Scout Cookie vices says about us. DK= crazy chocolate, caramel and coconut. An amalgamation of flavor, interesting texture, and 1-way ticket to crazy sugar town. 
Me= simple, reliable, timeless, 1-way ticket to crazy (cold) sugar town.

What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie 
Says About You

Thin Mints:
Thin Mints

The Golden Retriever of cookies. Reliable, trustworthy,classic. You favor simple flavors, a satisfying crunch, and a good J Crew button down.

Caramel DeLites/Samoas

Outgoing, gregarious, and the life-of-the-party. Matching your socks is likely not a priority. 

Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs
An introverted extrovert. You wish you were like the Samoas, but you just aren't and you need to get over it and be happy with your peanut butter loving self.


You're a meat and potatoes and gravy kind of person. Your tastes are a little more simple, and your tum-tum may not be able to handle that spicy chocolate!

Do-Si-Do/Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie
You are organized and thoughtful. You are very task-oriented and likely love your Erin Condren Life planner. Additionally, you have mastered the art of consuming this cookie: take it apart, lick the peanut butter, throw the cookies in the air, let them drop to the ground, stomp on said cookies. Because these cookies are disgusting.

Cranberry-Citrus Crisps
My sister-in-law calls these "cranberry flavorless cardboard devil wafers". So if you enjoy these, you likely are into witchcraft and sorcery and fantastical magic, and thus I cannot have anything to do with you.


You love brunch. Any meal combining bacon, eggs, vodka and tomato juice and you are IN. You enjoy event planning, and you die over a good table scape. You may also be called "boujie".

This one must be new because we didn't have this crap when I was a kid. If you like these, you may also enjoy cleaning out waste disposals. With your tongue. Just kidding, raisins are nature's candy that not only look like poop, but will make you poop, as well.

Savannah Smiles

Your effervescent personality is more delicious than the champagne that you over-indulged in over the Holidays. You are a kind and gracious host, but you can give some side- eye the likes of which Nene Leakes has never seen!

Thanks a Lot

These semi-sweet morsels are just the right amount of sweet and bland, just like you. You may have RBF, or appear to be dead behind the eyes. And you know what? That's ok. Some of the best Reality TV stars have been dead behind the eye and look where they are now?!

Audriana Patridge from The Hills. Perfecting the dead-behind-the-eyes look since 2009

Kourtney Kardashian. looking professional in sequins. ;-)


Not your grandma's toffee! You're a sarcastic heathen with a heart of gold, much like Karen Walker from Will & Grace.

idgaf animated GIF

television animated GIF

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: AOL Instant Messanger

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AOL Instant Messanger!

Any child of the '90s can remember the excitement and the feeling of waiting with bated breath as your computer grunted and screeched to connecting with the internet. You sat at your computer, keeping your fingers crossed that no one picked up the phone and disconnected you, and ALSO keeping your fingers crossed that your crush was online too. 

You finally get online, your sister is socked away in her room playing a Barney video, so she won't try to pick up the phone for at least 25 minutes. You may have been super cool and had TWO AIM screen names. They may have been dewdropfairy09 and SugarPlum1986. Whatever.

britney spears animated GIF

First order of business...scour your list of AIM names and see if your bestie is on. Second order of business, creep on all the people with their away messages and see what peeps be doing. 

Third order of business is to examine your AIM profile. I was CONSTANTLY changing and updating this with various inspirational quotes, song lyrics, countdowns to important events, etc. Once you updated the content, you obviously had to update the fonts and colors to make it pleasing to the eye. For whatever reason, I was all about the Dave Matthews Band lyrics...specifically "laying under the table and dreaming". Whatever dude. 

Dave Matthews Dancing
I love you DMB!

Ok, so no one is online that you want to chat up, so now, it's time to craft the perfect away message. I'm likely not going anywhere. Rather, I will just sit at the computer and creep on folks as they sign in and out of AIM. Some top away message options likely included:

"sHoWeR! Leave me something to come back to!"

"Don't tell me not to live, just sit and putter. Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter. Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade..."
What? No one else quoted Barbara Streisand's greatest hits on the AIM. Oh ok...

"School, home, homework, snack, dance, home, shower, dinner, bed"

"Love all my girls! **insert various initials here**"

"Crushing sooooo hard. AH!"

FINALLY! Your crush signs on to AIM. Now, it's just a matter of getting the nerve up to message him first, or wait to see if he messages you....

And then, things suddenly start to slow down...you stop to listen and realize you hear the ending credit song from some Barney show or whatever your sister was watching at age 8...and you then realize that you have been kicked off the internet by your 8-year-old-Barney-watching-sister. And now, it's time to flip a table...

Editor's note- my sister didn't like Barney until age 8. She was probably only 6 or 7 when she gave that up.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

On Netflix and Moods

Pin It How cool is it that we live in a time and place where technology is so advanced? We can video chat with people, just like in The Jetsons, our cell phones are basically tiny computers, and speaking of computers, they now weigh like 1 lb! But the best thing, in my opinion, is the invention of Netflix. With the click of a remote or mouse (and a monthly subscription), you can pull up a million different options for television series and movies. No more driving to the video store to rent, or even having to do a Redbox! This technological sorcery is what makes the world go 'round, folks! 

So, today, let's explore some of the best Netflix options at your disposal based on your current mood:

Current Mood: Slightly angsty with a desire for period costuming
Netflix Suggestion: Reign

The new alternative to The Tudors, Reign follows the story of Mary, Queen of Scots and her rise to power. Definitely full of drama, this should feed your need for watching drama worse than what you are currently facing . This gal has an entire country's future on her shoulders! These are obviously not amateur problems. The costuming is lovely, the drama intense, and there is also a fairly strong sexual undercurrent. Not necessarily fine family fun, but good for solo fun. That may have come out wrong or weird, but you know what I mean.

Current Mood: Nostalgic for the days of Aquanet
Netflix Suggestion: Saved by the Bell

Yes, the kids of Bayside High are back (as long as you have a Netflix account.) This show never fails to bring me back to grade school, sitting on a blanket in front of the tv watching after school. The hair, the one hallway of lockers, the strange relationship with the kids and Mr. Belding. Plus, these episodes are all of 25 minutes, so you can get through probably the whole series over a weekend of Netflix binging. Not that I do that. Ever. 

Current Mood: Needing Convinced that your Family Isn't the Craziest
Netflix Suggestion: Arrested Development

Truly, your family cannot be as weird as the Bluth family, so watching this will make you feel pretty good about your family life. Kind of like how going to Walmart can make you feel like you really have your life together, so can watching this show. Plus, the show is hilarious and a little nonsensical, which is a bonus. I feel as though I've learned many life lessons from watching the Bluth family, but the most important of all:

arrested development animated GIF

Current Mood: A little sad and in the mood for some controversy
Netflix Suggestion: Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret

Admittedly, I have not watched this, but you best believe when I get a couple free hours, I will be watching it. Based on the murder trial that was a big deal a few years ago, aspiring photographer, Jodi Arias was put on trial for allegedly killing her lover, and found guilty for the crime. She was sketch.com and those bangs made me wildly uncomfortable every time I would see her on CNN or CourtTV. 

Current Mood: Feeling all the feels
Netflix Suggestion: Mystic Pizza

Oh man, I love this movie. It's just one of those feel-good-old-standby movies that just makes you smile, cry, and laugh. Plus young Julia Roberts is just lovely. A great story of friendship and young love. So many feelings!

feels animated GIF

Current Mood: Super Silly
Netflix Suggestion: Airplane!

I cannot say enough good things about this movie. It was made in 1980 and it is absolutely hilarious. It just puts me in a good mood and makes me laugh so hard. I would highly recommend to anyone who just needs a good giggle.



Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Moments

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Some moments to appreciate on this Monday...

from Kid President!

Let's make this a great week.

Dancing makes people happy, AND it's a great workout! We ♥ Kid President!

Yeah I don't think any of my friends have surprised me with a corndog...they don't really love me I'm thinking...

"Love changes everything. So fill the world with it." Quote of the Week and a Pep Talk from Kid President on the The Brashear Kids Blog

Too cute!!    Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/187885149/be-someone-who-makes-everybody-feel-like
If you haven't already seen kid president on YouTube, then I highly recommend that you watch him, he's such a sweetie and he'll make you smile whether you want to or not

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Childhood Crushes

Pin It Ahhh, childhood crushes. Takes me back to the good old days of sitting around the lunch table with friends, discussing the merits of the boys from Home Improvement  or the guys in Backstreet Boys., all while enjoying a sancho, some corn, and some chocolate milk from the Christ the King Elementary School cafeteria holler! I would say, in large part, that my childhood crushes weren't your traditional ones. No Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Devin Sawa for me. I preferred your more atypical gents:

John Stamos

Oh Uncle Jesse. I loved him despite the mullet and the crazy '80s jeans. He could sing, he could dance, and his hair only got better as the series went on. What a gem. And when Jesse and the Rippers reunited on Jimmy Fallon? Be still my heart.

Zach Morris (aka Mark Paul Gosslear)

I really liked Zach Morris circa when Saved by the Bell was no longer in the Jr. High-Haley-Mills-as-Miss-Bliss era. He was real naughty and wreaked havoc on Bayside High and likely made Mr. Belding get more than one ulcer. But he was my favorite trouble maker.

John Travolta (in Grease and Look Who's Talking ONLY)

Here we go again with a dude who can sing and dance. I LOVED watching Grease. I knew all the liens. In fact, I even had a great babysitter who would bring pretzel sticks so that I could pretend to put out my fake cigarette in the carpet (on top of a paper towel, of course) when Sandy said, "Tell me about it, stud."  And then I became obsessed with the Look Who's Talking movies and just loved him. Quite the charmer.

Billy Joel

The piano man. My one and only, and still love him to this day! Super talented, plays the piano, great personality, and the writer of my favorite song of all time, Uptown Girl.  Plus he is handsome and has just enough bags under his eyes to make him relatable. Plus, I have bags under my eyes. It's written in the stars, people. My man, Billy, has seen better days, but I still think he is a stone cold fox.

Billy in the 1980s on top...Billy in present day on bottom

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