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Friday, March 21, 2014

Current Annoyances...

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I'm all about keeping my little corner of the interwebs a positive one. However, sometimes, you just gotta let off a little steam. This being Friday, I decree that today is the day to share 
the things that are currently annoying me...


...potholes. Can we get the City of Springfield on it, pleeeease? If the roads don't get better, my little Ford Focus is going to continue bouncing around the roads and I am going to have to embarrass myself by going to an auto mechanic and trying to explain that I think I need new shocks.

...spring. Yeah, where you at, boo? According to my calendar, my half birthday is what signals you to come a knockin', and I haven't heard that knockin' yet, so what's the deal?

...Lindsay Lohan and her "sexual encounter" list. Hey LiLo, can you just do one thing...ONE THING that makes you look at least semi-classy?!

...emptying the dishwasher.

...everyone coming down hard on Malaysia. LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER LOST ANYTHING!?

...at-home manicures. Why oh why am I trying to be so responsible with money?!

...all of you beasts posting on social media about your amazing spring break plans. Just don't.

135 "30 Rock GIFs"...Just Because

...being not tan.

...along those same lines, the nasty smell of self-tan spray/lotion.

...that "Selfie" song. Is that a joke? 

...#confessiontime-- sometimes in the shower I like to listen to my rap music to get pumped up. I used to be really good at deciphering their lyrics. However, this has proven a recent challenge. If this doesn't improve, I'm going to be stuck only singing "Empire State of Mind" and the opening credit song to "Fresh Prince of Bel Air". Can y'all enunciate? 

 135 "30 Rock GIFs"...Just Because

...the check-out gal at Target giving me looks when my items for purchase include wine, gelato, a yoga mat, Glamour Magazine, nail polish and string cheese. Yeah, I'm about to have a solid weekend, so can you just look away?!

...that it would not be considered socially acceptable to flip off the meat-heads at the gym. 

...everything related to March Madness. All of it. I'm was truly more likely to create a bracket for who would have won that stupid Tila Tequila show than for basketball.

...that I haven't heard any new singles by Macy Gray OR Keane. Both of these popped up on my Pandora and my heart began to hurt. Can we get a well check on these two?! 

...that shoulder pads are no longer considered socially acceptable. I just saw this episode of Will and Grace and it made me really want some sequins and shoulder pads.

All of this aside, I'm actually in a really good mood.

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