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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday: A '90s/early aughts childhood

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Throwback Thursday:
 A '90s/early aughts childhood

It's been said that our generation was the greatest generation. Actually, I think I've said that, but the history books may favor sometime in the 1950s or something, I don't know. Anyway, I've said this because we had some pretty sweet toys, some cool processed snack treats, and we were the last generation to not have to deal with social media as a facet of everyday life. I mean we had AOL Instant Messenger, but that was it. In honor of this forgotten time, we will examine some of the latest and greatest relics from this time.

Surge soda: a recipe for hyperactivity and bad skin

Back then, you were only as cool as the pop served at your party. Forget that Pepsi crap. Surge was where it was at. For those nugget readers who were too young or in utero during the height of Surge fame and weren't able to try it, I would equate it to a Mountain Dew with far more sugar. I saw some crazy things go down when people were on the surge. I saw some serious acne develop from folks having a penchant for Surge. Based on these recollections, you might be thinking that Surge is a euphemism for meth. It isn't. It seriously was just a soda.

Ribbon Dancer: Dancin' in the Street
Will Ferrell Ribbon Dance

"Ribbon dancer up and down, dancin' in the street (come on and do it)"
Yes, that was the ad song. Encouraging youths to dance in the street and not even warning them to look both ways first! That's some malarkey if I ever heard it. Yep, a stick with some ribbon at the end, sold for $19.95, entertained us for hours. It made us think that we, too, could be in the Olympics. Or at the very least, be in a talent show.

The 1996 Olympic Dream Team

Speaking of the Olympics, the 1996 Olympic Gymnastic team? They were IT. Forget Brittney, Mariah, and Shania. The "Magnificent Seven" as they were called were the coolest. Especially that little nugget, Dominique Moceanu. She was my girl. I know a lot of peeps liked that Kerri Strug (the one with the cast), but I just had so many issues with her hair. I couldn't get past it. I mean, she could never do a Beyonce hair whip if she WANTED TO. I mean, I have short-ish hair, but even I can 
make it work. Sorry, Kerri. No cigar for you, babe.

The Dancing Baby

Dancing Baby 1990's

ooka chocka ooka chocka....na na na na na HOOKED ON A FEELING!

Ooga chaka, ooga ooga ooga chaka. I definitely didn't understand the dancing baby then, but I sure thought it was funny enough to put a key chain of him on my backpack at school. For those of you who remember the TV show 'Ally McBeal', the title character would have these visions of a baby dancing everywhere. It was supposed to be a reminder, or I would dare say a taunt, at her biological clock continuously ticking. All I know it that it was funny to watch the baby dance his saucy little moves.


You will notice the packaging says "100% Real Fruit Juice". That is a blatant lie. That was sugar water. We had a major SqueezIt issue in my family. Everyone was obsessed with them. My sister would basically only drink the blue ones, which was fine with me because I hate blue flavored things. There was a pretty serious blue SqueezIt incident of 1995 that I won't go into here, but you can certainly ask my sister about it.

Beanie Babies: Bean-filled-felt-sack-with-eyes-phenomena

Y'all, I can't even tell you how important these were to my life as a kid. We would go nuts for them. In fact, whenever we would be somewhere with our parents, we would be walking anyway...even into a gas station, and my dad would pretend to read a sign and say, "Beanie Babies, $5.99!" and we would absolutely FLIP. We had them all. I'm fairly certain we had every one shown above in that photo, but we also had the Ireland one, and the Princess Diana one. In fact, there was a pretty serious incident with my sister and I over the Princess Diana bear. We had been arguing over whose room Princess Diana could reside in one day and my dad was tired of the fighting. Unbeknownst to us, he took Princess Diana and hid her. My sister and I went nuts looking for it, assessing blame, screaming, tearing rooms apart. I convinced my sister that she lost it and should basically pack up her belongings and start walking to my grandparents house (a mere 10 minute walk down the street, but knowing my sister, it probably would have taken her 2 hours) because this would be her new home. She could not be trusted in our home any longer. Well, my sister starts walking, gets maybe 3 houses down from ours, and my parents pull up. Morgan got in some trouble that day. Princess Diana was recovered and set up in my family room, on top of our desktop computer monitor, for all to enjoy.

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