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Friday, January 16, 2015

Having Morgan as a Supervisor: Guest Blog Edition

Pin It Today's post comes from two silly ladies that I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. They approached me and asked if they could write a guest post and I said they absolutely could! 

On Having Morgan as a Supervisor

"So not only do we have the greatest job ever, getting to travel the country for an organization that we love, we also get to work with the great supervisor. Morgan.

With the purpose of being hilarious but also giving Morgan more reason to think she’s awesome, we thought guest blogging would be the greatest.

Here it is, the list that everyone needs to know….
Top 5 reasons Morgan Kaplan is the greatest supervisor (We would like to plug that the other Supervisors are also wonderful, we are just a little biased).

  1. She uses hashtags in emails. Not only are these ridiculously placed in emails they also include words like #rockstar #fancy #thefanciest #bogus.
  2. With talking a lot on the phone one can really see how a person processes information. We all have those “filler words” that we like to throw in while we are just need some time to think. Morgan loves “sure” or “for sure” and also a personal favorite, “you know what, you know what, you know what!” Also, you can almost always tell what Morgan is thinking through her facial expressions.
*Eye roll*= not amused
*Furrowing of the brows*= you can’t be serious
*Eye glare* = “don’t even think about it”

  1. Morgan is a let’s get down to business type of person. However, when asking “how are you, Morgan or what’s up, Morgan” we would bet on the fact she will ALWAYS mention Frances Bean. No shame in the dog-loving MK.
  2. We always get a good chuckle about how Morgan’s dream job is to be a Rockette. While she may lack the height requirement, we still believe she would be the GREATEST. We also know this because she is an amazing
  3. Our personal favorite: “the list”. In our 1:1’s (as with all supervisors) there is the magical “list” about what we need to discuss. However, the best part with Morgan (you must read the Target blog post to understand) is we can only imagine all these sticky notes posted around her desk (in an organized fashion, of course).

Honorable Mention: She doesn’t ask twice for us to get things done. Wait…. that’s probably because we are awesome and get stuff done like #rockstars but ok, back to why Morgan is awesome.

We must say that there is never a dull moment with Morgan and yes, we are just trying to be funny, but we also think she is truly the best! "

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