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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Think Lovely Thoughts

Pin It I woke up today and was in an exceptionally good mood. No apparent reason, just feeling good in the hood.  Some things making me smile on this Tuesday:

1. One of my first Pinterest projects, and one that makes me smile each time I walk by it. This hangs over our bed. One of our favorite songs is Jason Mraz's "Lucky", so this is sort of an homage to that cutesy little song.

2. Who doesn't love a cute flowerpot filled with every color of Sharpie?!

3. Another of my favorite Pinterest projects, hanging above our couch. They are simply pieces of scrapbook paper that have been attached via spray adhesive to boards of a corresponding size. People always ask me where I bought them when they come into our house. Hollerrrr...made them for under $20!

4. This is sort of a trifecta of favs: 

  • How can you not smile at the cute little Princess Bean!?
  • I'm totally loving these new polka dot pillow cases I found for our accent pillows. Found at Walmart (of all places) for $2 each!
  • The cute, summery duvet cover (under Princess Bean). This was a bridal shower gift from D's aunt. It's part Bollywood/part Pottery Barn and I looove it. 
I hope that all of you are having a delightful Tuesday!

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