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Monday, August 6, 2012

Let's do the time-warp...AGAIN!

Pin It Well Happy Monday, kiddies. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I spent the majority of the weekend trying to catch up on DVR, sleep, and emails from when I was out of the (home) office last week.
    Despite lots going on in October (and thanks to a very abridged rehearsal schedule that meshed surprisingly well with work travels, wedding planning, and life) I decided to audition for The Rocky Horror Show: Live!  Friday evening. I was in the production last fall, and it was, easily, the most fun that I have had on stage in quite some time. As an added bonus, we had the incredible opportunity to perform the show up in Chicago at 115 Bourbon Street in December. So I decided to give it another shot, and I was cast! I'll be one of three Usherette's (my sister is one of the other ones!), so I'll be able to dance, sing,  rehearse, get married in Key West real quick, come home, and perform!
   If you aren't familiar with The Rocky Horror Show, do yourself a favor, and DO NOT watch the movie. It's horrible, and I don't get it. But DO do yourself a favor and go see a local production (preferably the one in Springfield, IL or Chicago, IL!) around Halloween. It is crazy, fun, entertaining, sparkly, and hilarious. I dare say that one of the main reasons I decided to audition again was because of the INCREDIBLE make-up and hair design for the show. Love, love, love me some false eyelashes and sparkles!
  Here are some photos from last year's production, featuring yours truly as Columbia:
Photo courtesy of Sarah Chatham, at Peek-A-Boo Photos
Photo courtesy of Jen Wallner
Rocky Horror Show: Live, 115 Bourbon Street, Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy of Ric Major
I'll be one of these gals this year, along with my sister! :)
Photo courtesy of Sarah Chatham, Peek-A-Boo Photos

Photo courtesy of Sarah Chatham, at Peek-A-Boo Photos


Let's do the Time-Warp again, y'all!

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