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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If You Really Knew Me...

Pin It Ok, jumping on the blogosphere band-wagon of doing an "If you really knew me" post. Whateverrrr.

1. If you really knew me, you would know that I have a serious problem with over-descriptive language. For example, the words "moist" and "tender" can send me into a tizzy. Just don't say them in my presence.

2. My least favorite house-hold chore is emptying the dishwasher. Hands down.

3. My favorite city in the world is London. My next dream vacation(s) are Italy and/or Bora Bora.

4. I never really mastered the art of riding a bike. I just was never into it, so I didn't care to learn. I'd probably fall off if I tried it.

5. If you want to make me flip my lid, please tell me that my height (4'11") qualifies me as a "legal midget". I will go from cordial to ghetto in 2.5 seconds. Not only is that statement inaccurate, and rude, but it's not P.C. 

6. I used to want to be a fashion buyer, until I realized how much math was really involved. Byeeeee.

7. When I was in 4th grade, I got a perm, which was the biggest mistake of my life. Not only was it a disaster, but my hair remained a disaster until it was completely grown out. #woof

8. DK and I have attended the same schools since pre-school. We were dance partners in choir in grade school, and I HATED HIM. He was super mean and would never practice, and would just go play his stupid drums all the time. We sort of ignored each other from the time I was in 4th-9th grade, and started dating when I was a sophomore.

9. I love to read, especially biographies and historical fiction. I'm fascinated by Elizabethan England, and I love Henry VIII, tyrant that he was. 

10. I'm a sucker for the Kardashian & Real Housewives series. Whatever, I love me some trashy tv.

11. If I could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, it would be JFK and Jackie Kennedy. But I would want to do them separately because I'd want to get to the bottom of JFK's nonsense, especially with that Marilyn Monroe character, and I'd want to talk to Jackie about how insane her life was, and to talk about her clothes, duh!

12. The best gifts I've ever been given were 1) my engagement ring and 2) my little puppy, Bean.

13. I always swore up and down that I would never ever join a sorority, and I hated the whole idea because I bought into the stereotype of sorority women. Then I actually gained an understanding of how awesome these women's organizations were, and I was absolutely changed. 

14. My idea of a dream job? My current one! I work for an organization that I adore, and support their mission whole-heartily, I get to help and empower women, I learn something new every day, and I get to travel.

15. I believe that my sister and I were raised exceptionally well. We were brought up to be polite and well-mannered, and to appreciate all of the blessings in our life. We were provided with an exceptional education, had the opportunity to travel, and raised to appreciate the importance of family. My parents were pretty strict, and I hated it then, but I really appreciate it now.

16. My childhood crushes: John Travolta (current sex-scandal, be damned!), Billy Joel (I wanted to be his "Uptown Girl", obvi), and Patrick Swayze (RIP, Patrick!). 

17. My favorite song of all time is "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel.

18. My favorite childhood memory is of driving around Springfield and looking at Christmas lights, then going to dinner at The Fair View restaurant every year during the Holiday season.

19. I have lots of best friends, but the two that I talk to every day are my sister, and DK. I love all of my other best friends, because I know that I could go days or weeks without seeing them, but when we do see each other, things are just the way they left off, like we never spent any time apart.

20. DK gets told he looks like Matt Damon all the time. I get told I look like Snookie almost daily. #fml

21. My favorite drink is a dirty vodka martini, with blue-cheese stuffed olives, in a short glass. Martini glasses are cute, but I hate sloshing it all over the place.

22. I love animals, and I absolutely die inside every time those Sarah McLaughlin-ASPCA commercials come on. They make my heart hurt.

23. I can recite nearly every line in Gone with the Wind, which is my favorite movie (and book!).

24. I took 4 years of french, and the only thing I remember is the following phrase: "J'ai un rendezvous avec David dans vingt minutes." It means "I have a meeting with David in 20 minutes". I don't know who David is.

25. I'm getting married in 74 days eeeeeekkkkk!!

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