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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm the Type of Girl Who...

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I'm the Type of Girl Who...

...is fiercely loyal to the color turquoise.

... has had a crush on Billy Joel since approximately age 8.

...dislikes talking on the phone. Just text me.

...is a worrier. Always worrying about something. But I'm working on it.

...loves a good dirty vodka martini with blue cheese stuffed olives. Makes my heart smile.

...believes in the merit of joining Greek organizations.

...always thinks she wants a tattoo, but can never come up with something significant enough to permanantly put on my body! Plus I am a major baby with pain so...

...gets told she is short and has a big booty a lot. Thanks, boo, I appreciate you bringing that to my attention, but I'm fully aware. In fact, I'm made aware daily when I put on pants. You know what else I say to that?

...loves Disney! Yeah, I'm an adult and whatever, but so what!? How fun is it to go to a place and just not worry about silly adult things and pretend to be a princess?!

Doesn't everyone dress up as Princesses at their National Convention?

... believes that part of the fun of wearing yoga pants all the time is trying to get people wondering whether I just spent half my day at the gym or sitting on the couch watching Netflix. 
Funny Yoga Memes-Enjoy the Health Benefits of Laughter    Check out our newest blog post:    http://www.greenappleactive.com/blog/info/funny-yoga-memes-enjoy-the-health-benefits-of-laughter/

...is genuinely fascinated by reality television. The Kardashian's? Real Housewives? Dance Moms? These are my jams.
Kim Kardashian Meme. She said "I like your shirt" and so I said "Thanks!" And right as I was saying thanks she was like "NOOTTT!!!" #kardashian #meme #humor #kim kardashian facebook.com/razorbladecookies

...seriously looks forward to her coffee in the morning.

...typically wakes up to a routine of instagram, twitter, facebook, weather, get out of bed.

...becomes enraged by mouth sounds. Chewing, chomping, smacking, VOMIT. Just don't. Not only is it gross, it's bad manners.

...husband looks like Dexter Morgan. We don't keep saran wrap in the house because it would be too scary if he were holding it.

...is on a never-ending quest to find the best mascara. I need something that lengthens, curls, thickens, doesn't flake, doesn't give me spider-lashes, and doesn't irritate my eyes.

...is so thankful that I got involved in the arts at such a young age. I truly value the time, commitment, dedication, creativity, and talent in all areas of artistic expression. 

...thinks Beyonce is great and all, but in my mind, there is only one woman who can truly do.it.all....

Oh who the hell am I kidding? Beyonce is EVERYTHING!


  1. Have you tried Lorac Professional mascara? I'm obsessed!

  2. Gah this makes me miss you even more than I already did.

    I think you forgot you're the type of girl who will eat day old soggy nachos while sitting on the floor of a questionable extended stay hotel...


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